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How do you like our newly launched Interface?

As many of you in our community already suggested, we have decided to release a simple guide on how-to interact with our newly launched interface for the recently launched Underwriter program.

This article shall act as the guide to refer to when looking at how to stake your Nsure tokens on our platform.

Once you have Nsure tokens in your possession in any of the supported wallets such as Metamask or any of the WalletConnect-supported interfaces (Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Gnosis Safe, Argent, etc.), you can go ahead and access the Underwriter Program Interface linked on our landing-page at NSURE.NETWORK, next to our MVP access you’ll find a button “Underwriter Program”. This will directly redirect you to the staking interface.

Preferably, you can also access the interface directly here.

Once here, after pressing on “Unlock Wallet”, you will have the choice of which interface to connect. Chose your preferred alternative, wether Metamask or WalletConnect and proceed as follows:

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This Guide will reflect the path to take for the most common interface, Metamask in this case.

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Once selected the Metamask alternative, proceed to unlock your wallet by entering your password as shown above. After connecting successfully, you should be able to have full access to the interface and data, being able to proceed and stake on your desired products within the simulation:

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To give a briefing on this page, here you will be able to look at the different products and associated metrics such as (TSI, Size and APY).
- Simulated TSI: Simulation of cover demand; Total Sum Insured
- Staking Pool: Amount of Staking Power already staked in a product
- Estimated APY: Estimation of yearly returns/profitability (APY), according to the given Supply (Staked tokens) and Demand (simulated TSI) at this given point in time. Keep in mind that during the rebalancing period, these are only estimations and may vary if any of both supply or demand changes. The snapshot will be taken at the end of each rebalancing period and will be fixed, determining the profitability of the chosen staking pool for the following 11 days. If you would like to read more in detail about these, we suggest to have a look at our Gitbook Documentation.

On the top left you should be able to see your wallet address connected to the interface, as well as your Nsure and staking power balance, which equals four times your Nsure balance, given the 4x leverage granted for this program.

You will be able to stake up to 25% of your staking power on each product, which will translate into max. 25% of your Nsure holdings allocated. In order to profit out of the maximum amount of leverage given, you will at least have to select and stake on 4 different products. For a deep-dive into how to build your own strategy and determine the staking pools you could choose, as well as how it would affect to your estimated returns & APY, have a look at our Illustration Example for this program.
This Excel file will allow you to customise and run background tests for your strategy and optimisation.

Once you have found a strategy and selected your own staking pools that you intend to target, this is how you will be able to stake:

Step1: Approve contract

By pressing on any staking product, you will access automatically a pop-up window from your wallet provider prompting you to confirm a transaction that will allow you to approve the smart contract you are looking to interact with.

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Confirm the transaction and once broadcasted to the network, you will be able to proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Become an Underwriter

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In order to become an Underwriter, you will have to press on “ Become a Writer” in order to access the pop-up window that will let you select the needed parameters for staking.

Step 3: Confirmation

On this window you will be able to select the amount of exposure you desire to have for the selected product. You will be able to stake up to 25% of your total staking power on each product, which will translate into up to 25% of your Nsure holdings for the time you are to confirm the transaction on-chain.

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Once pressing the “Confirm” button, your wallet provider, in this case Metamask, will pop-up asking you to confirm the transaction:

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After confirming, and the transaction being broadcasted to the network, you will be receive a confirmation of the transaction from your wallet provider.
And that’s about it! You can now consider yourself a participant in the Nsure Underwriter Program, having successfully staked your Nsure.

During the period of rebalancing, you will be able to track, change, unstake or make any changes you’d like on the “My Portfolio” section. Let’s have a look at this:

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By pressing the “My Portfolio” button on the top right of the page, you will be redirected directly. Here you can track statistics such as:
- How much staking power has been provided so far?
- How much staking power have I used up so far, and what’s the % towards the total staked?
- What are my rewards to be expected during this Epoch (live once lock starts)
- Amount of Products entered for staking
- Leverage used
- Estimated Returns & APY (0 during rebalancing, live once lock starts)
- My portfolio section

As for the overall Estimated APY on “My Portfolio”section, it will remain 0 during rebalancing, starting to show accurate estimations once lockup starts.

On the lower section, you will be able to see a detailed recap on the products you accessed so far, amount staked, APY for the pool, Rewards, your share in the pool and time for the next rebalancing period. Also you have access to both buttons that will allow you to unstake and claim rewards while the rebalancing period is in course.

We hope this Guide helps you on. getting a better understanding and feeling when coming to participate, and in case you have any remaining questions or comments, you can find us on Discord as well as on our Telegram official chat, linked below.

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