NSURE UNDERWRITER PROGRAM: Ready for the 2nd Epoch?

2nd epoch starts on Dec 2, 11am UTC

The 2nd epoch of Nsure Underwriter Program will start on Dec 2, 11am UTC. For those who don’t know this program yet, check this article to find out how to participate and earn rewards: https://nsure-network.medium.com/nsure-announcement-introducing-nsure-underwriter-program-4495f6a856ae

We are pleased to see an active participation from Nsure community in the past 2 weeks. In total 80,640 Nsure tokens were distributed to all participants. Though first time being an Nsure underwriter, some users already spot and took intelligent strategy of underwriting and gained high return up to 1340%(measured by APY). Congratulations! In average, the return for all underwriters in the 1st epoch is 313%. Below is the APY of top 5 underwriters who won the most out of this program.

Project APY fluctuated greatly. You may have noticed that KeeperDAO’s APY is as astonishingly high as 2705%. Such high return is resulted from the project’s almost double size increase in TVL within 3 days. The limited size of staking pool is another factor contributes to the fluctuation of project APY. Though we expect the volatility of return would be smoothen in the 2nd epoch due to scale effect, we strongly advise you to keep close monitor of the TVL and total staking power of each project, and adjust your staking position accordingly.

Pickle was hacked on Nov 22nd. Though it would not result in a loss as no real insurance policy written in this program, underwriters who stake on Pickle will not get paid and the staked tokens will be locked for an additional 14 days as penalty, according to the rules.Make sure you read the rule before participating.

Your reward is paid based on the tokens staked cumulated by time, and the rebalance period also COUNTS! Therefore, we suggest you not to decrease your staking during rebalance period in order not to miss any potential reward.

The above findings and some more have been summarized on the Nsure Gitbook, check it and get some hints before rebalancing your staking. The rebalance period of 2nd epoch is 11am UTC on Dec 2 to 11am UTC on Dec 5. We look forward to your participation!

For any enquiries or question on this program, you can find us on our official Telegram and Discord channels posted below.

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