Nsure.Network: USD1.45M Seed & Private Funding Round Completed

Mt Kilimanjaro - where the story started

We are delighted to announce from Nsure Network about our most recent milestone achievement. We have now officially completed our seed and private round financing, led by Based Ventures, featuring other investment institutions such as Mechanism Capital, Caballeros Capital, 3Commas, AU21, Signal Ventures and Genblock, among other. USD1.45M have been raised in exchange for 15% of the Nsure token distribution.
Thanks to all institutions that showed interest and apologize to those who couldn’t take part due to a matter of being oversubscribed. The raised funds will allow us to deploy the Nsure platform Alpha within schedule, as soon as Q4 2020, expecting to raise new standards and awareness for the concept of insurance & coverage for DeFi products and applications. Insurance has been proven to be a much-needed segment in the space, yet greatly unexplored. Offering a marketplace where users can trade and share risk in a distributed way will set a before and after in the rising era of Decentralized Finance, allowing for a more sustainable and efficient growth of the ecosystem.

About Us:

Nsure.Network is a decentralized insurance platform for Open Finance (DeFi). The project is inspired by Lloyd’s London, a market place to trade insurance risks, where premiums are determined by a dynamic pricing model. Capital mining will be implemented to secure capital required to back the risks at any point of time.

There are three main aspects of participation in the ecosystem for token holders -

Open market to trade risk

Nsure tokens can be used to stake on the risks that Nsure token holders feel comfortable with. Insurance premiums are paid daily, and Nsure token holders benefit from the system and leverage provided.

Capital mining

By providing capital to the Nsure Network, Nsure tokens are minted and issued to the capital providers. Token holders can 1) stake on the projects and earn premiums; 2) hold to enjoy the benefit from the growth of the system; 3) sell in the market to realize profit.

Dynamic Pricing & Capital Management

Pricing is determined by real-time supply and demand. The capital model is used to ensure claims will be paid and that systematic risk is under control.

The Nsure MVP is currently running on Rinkeby and you can play with it here: https://buy.nsure.network/#/insure

If you would like to read more about out mission, vision and values:

Website: https://nsure.network/#/

Whitepaper: https://nsure.network/Nsure_WP_0.7.pdf

Medium: https://medium.com/@nsure_network/introducing-nsure-network-4627abfde1f0

Or follow our latest moves on:

GitHub: https://github.com/nsure-tech/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nSvAapa

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nsure_network

Nsure 中文群: https://t.me/NsureCN

For private inquiries or collaborations, please DM any of our admins or contact contact@Nsure.network (http://contact@nsure.network/)

Open Insurance Platform for Open Finance