Nsure Network Mainnet Migration: Incoming on March 31th

Gradual Release

The much awaited release will take place in 3 main events, distinguished by the main product segments within the Nsure Platform

  1. Capital Mining Launch
    - Commencing March 31st 8:00AM UTC
  2. Underwriter Module Release
    - Commencing Rebalancing Period on April 7th 8:00AM UTC
    - Incentive rewards starting April 10th 8:00AM UTC
  3. Purchase Policy & Claim Process
    - Released shortly after Underwriter liquidity is matured
    - Including a 1st Batch Product release in collaboration with third party protocols and subvention program by Nsure Foundation

Capital Mining

Capital Mining is the first step that will be taken for the migration, under which the structure and logic of the Capital Pool will be deployed on Ethereum Mainnet.
Mark the Date: March 31st 8:00AM UTC, the contracts will be deployed and mining rewards go live. Exact block height to be released pre-launch.

Underwriter Module

For Underwriters, a migration is expected after the next epoch concludes on the Underwriter program launched in November.
This second step is vital for sourcing liquidity put at stake on the first batch of launched products to come, and will as well be incentivised to early participants.
When Underwriting goes live, we will make a call to all stakers and Underwriters that have successfully trained their skill during the Simulation Program and provide the liquidity needed for launch.
Additionally, Nsure Foundation will be granting subventions to a hand full of selected protocols of diverse risk categories, with the purpose of collaboratively increasing initial stages of capacity and pricing provision during the early stages of our platform launch. These selected protocols will be announced in a dedicated article, to be released shortly after Capital Mining is launched.
For the time between

Purchase Policy & Claim Process

Once stages one and two are concluded, and enough MCR as well as liquidity on underwriting products are sourced, the platform should be considered ready to launch the last of the core features, being the purchasing insurance and its associated claim process.
This last stage of the open Beta will offer in premier the ability to obtain coverage against smart contract related risks on the first batch of listed protocols within the market place of Nsure Network.
A Grant program is in works, under which some selected 1st Batch protocols to be included will benefit from an open Subvention program sponsored by Nsure Foundation, with the goal to jointly promote, and boost initial capacity & pricing for these products.

Bounty Program

During the initial stages of Open Beta, we will perform a bug bounty program, incentivising early community participants to report any related issues, incentivised by a result-oriented prize given out by Nsure Labs in collaboration with Immunefi.

Risk Disclaimer

This Open Beta is intended to be a first release on Ethereum Mainnet of the Nsure Network risk marketplace, we prompt any participants to understand the associated risks, even after having undergone through previous audit with partners. Any deployed funds may be at risk, and do not recommend engaging with large asset transactions.



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