Nsure Network Gradual Launch on Polygon: Underwriter Module Release

NSURE NETWORK will launch Staking functions as an Underwriter on Polygon, expected to go live as of November 20th 12:00PM UTC.

Underwriting Module:

Analog to Ethereum Mainnet, and as you may have already read on our white paper or different media outreaches, underwriting insurance plays a central role in our platform. Traditional insurance models, as well as our own approach would not be able to function sustainably without Underwriters, risk-taking parties that provide capacity by influencing the supply-side of insurance products.

Lets dive into the mechanics of the Module:

Batch 1 of supported Products
  • 10 Insurance Products listed, to choose from (Pools)
  • Rewards for underwriters paid in $MATIC sourced from premiums
  • Dynamic Pricing Model
  • Leverage: based on Security rating and Diversification

Reward structure

In the Module, users will be exposed to the movement of capital demand and supply. Such movement will impact the equilibrium price for policies , i.e. premium.

Underwriting Conditions

Underwriters are essentially the counter party in the platform, stepping in as risk takers providing capacity and liquidity for policies to be sold, by underwriting risks that each participant is willing to underwrite.
In order to maintain a fair balance between the rewards obtained by underwriters, following conditions are set:

User Guide:

To start underwriting, make sure you have Nsure tokens in your wallet.



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