NSURE ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Nsure Underwriter Program:

NSURE NETWORK will launch Staking as an Underwriter program, expected to go live as of November 18th 11:00AM UTC.

Lets dive into the mechanics of Gamified Staking:

  • 10 Insurance Products to choose from (Pools)
  • Unique Simulated Demand (adapted as of TVL changes)
  • Dynamic Pricing Model
  • 4x Leverage


Analog to our capital mining model, we are taking following assumptions: For each Ethereum block produced, 1 Nsure tokens will be distributed proportionally to all staked tokens, i.e. there will be 5,760 tokens generated daily. The current circulating supply is 5.7 million Nsure.
As a reference, the average annual yield at a 10% staked/circulating supply ratio is about 371% APY (see calculation in the attached Excel on our Gitbook).
In contrast, in case of 50% staked/circulating supply ratio, the average annual yield would be estimated at 74% APY. The total return would vary accordingly, if less people participated and a different strategy is applied.

Reward Distribution

Total premium is calculated by summing up the premium for each project, which is calculated by multiplying the Capital Demand and the Premium Rate. The reward will be firstly distributed proportionally to each project based on the simulated contribution of premiums, and then be distributed to each participant proportional to the number of tokens staked.

Staking Epochs :

As for the distribution model and lock-up cycles, we have scheduled a 14-day model which will repeat over in following schedule:

That said, let the NSURE Underwriter Game begin!

For any enquiries or question in this regard, you can find us on our official Telegram and Discord channels pasted below.

If you would like to read more about out mission, vision and values:

Website: https://nsure.network/#/

Or follow our latest moves on:

GitHub: https://github.com/nsure-tech/



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