Nsure Network Completes W3F Grant Milestone 1

Today we are thrilled to announce that Nsure has completed Milestone 1 of its Web3 Foundation grant, moving us closer to our goal to build a cross-blockchain open insurance marketplace for open finance. Thanks to all committee members for their continuous support and guidance.

Nsure is an open insurance platform for open finance. The project borrows the idea of Lloyd’s London, a marketplace to trade insurance risks, where premiums are determined by a Dynamic Pricing Model. Capital mining will be implemented to secure capital required to back the risks at any point of…

Since the launch of Nsure Network on mainnet, we’ve received a bunch of requests from Nsureans and other Ethereum users for their demand of insurance coverage on some new and innovative projects which are not listed on the existing Nsure marketplace. …

Nsure Foundation is granting selected Protocols out of the first Batch of listed products in the recently launched risk marketplace. Up to 1M Nsure tokens allocated to subsidise underwriting.

We’re pleased to release the Batch 1 Subsidy Program, a subvention given to selected Protocols, aiming to boost capacity, pricing and stability of these products within the market place.

Subsidy Structure

A total of 1m Nsure tokens have been allocated by the Nsure Foundation into the Underwriting contract, and will be gradually deployed upon need, based on policy demand for each product.
Main criteria for the Subsidy is to increase Underwriting capital on the nominated products, to assure optimum liquidity levels are reached, for policy buyers to have increased capacity to purchase insurance from, as well as providing optimised pricing for policies…

NSURE NETWORK concludes its successful migration to Mainnet, launching the 3rd and last stage. Users are now able to purchase policies for the available products on the Marketplace, while enjoying added incentives via policy-mining.

Dear Nsureans, it’s been a long journey since we first launched our Alpha on Kovan, and today one of the most awaited milestones in development is becoming a reality: From now, April 12th 9:00 AM UTC onwards, users can officially purchase insurance coverage in the Nsure Marketplace!
To purchase insurance, you can access the marketplace via https://app.nsure.network/#/cover/my

NSURE NETWORK will launch Staking functions as an Underwriter, expected to go live as of April 7th 9:00AM UTC.

Dear Nsureans, we’re thrilled this time, to bring you our latest development update: Underwriting on Mainnet is now live!
You can now underwriter all batch 1 products added into the Nsure Marketplace, and commence underwriting with your Nsure tokens, and get ready for the grand slam release of Stage Three, where Purchasing policies will go live in the coming days.

Access to Underwriting on APP here

Underwriting Module:

As you may have already read on our white paper or different media outreaches, underwriting insurance plays a central role in our platform. Traditional insurance models, as well as our own approach would not…

NSURE NETWORK Mainnet Release coming up, commencing on March 31st 8:00AM UTC as the first open Beta on Ethereum Main Network. Here’s all you should know about the Gradual Release:

Dear Nsureans, it’s been a great journey so far, one we couldn’t have achieved without you as early community supporters.
From the early Underwriter Program serving as simulation for users to grasp the first concepts around being the risk-taking counter-party, incentivised with real APR based returns in NSURE tokens; to the comprehensive developments and improvements englobed within the Alpha release on Kovan network from earlier this year.
Now it’s time…

Dear Nsure-Community,
As we move along our development roadmap, and with the purpose of commencing our auditing review, we are pleased to have released a specific set of components within our smart contract structure deployed on our Alpha on Kovan Test-Network.

In order to allow users to withdraw their Kovan-ETH and mined Nsure (both on Kovan Network), we will be giving a time window of 7days before we unplug the existing contract and migrate to our updated version.
If you wish to redeem, we have relocated the existing environment and you may access it through test.nsure.network.

Nsure Labs is thrilled to release its latest advancement: A nouvelle approach towards accessing insurance, having successfully implemented dynamic pricing functionality, security ratings, capital pool support and more! Test now

Dear fellow Nsureans, we’re glad to present you with our latest update on our development roadmap. Nsure Network has now officially added its core feature: Purchasing policies is now available to test on our Alpha environment on Kovan Network.

What does this mean?
Nsure Network users are now able to experience policy purchases under the environment conditions which will be set for our Beta launch. This includes a first sneak-peak into…

To provide reference on Nsure’s underwriting and its adjacent approach on our rating mechanism, we are here to introduce Nsure Smart Contract Overall Security Score (N-SCOSS) to help participants better understanding the underlying risk of each project listed on Nsure.
You may have already noticed the Security Rating assigned to each project on our Alpha Underwriting section. The grading of this Security Rating is based on N-SCOSS.

I. Overview

N-SCOSS is a score from 0 to100 measuring the code security based on five perspectives which are correlated to either the likelihood of an occurrence of a hack, bug or exploit (hereafter “attacking…

Dear fellow Nsureans, after the pre-launch of our Alpha on Dec 2020, we’re glad to present you with our latest update on our development roadmap. With enough Nsure test tokens minted, the Underwriter Module is now officially live! You will now be able to experience the vertical of underwriting risks among different Protocols.


Open Insurance Platform for Open Finance

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